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Katakana Converter. V0.1.3 (Beta)
With this tool you can convert Rōmaji to Katakana.
For now it only does a straight rōmaji conversion, but I have plans to add interpretation / translation functionality in the future.

This tool is meant to quickly convert some text, for a more perminent solution of typing Japanese see the "Setting up Japanese for [your system]" guides on this page of the Tae Kim's Guide To Japanese site.

To learn Katakana I would like to advice this guide from TOFUGO.

Everything stated / used here should be correct. I am however just starting to learn myself and am not a expert in Japanese at all, so if you see any issues, errors and / or discrepancies please contact me at contact@practicejapanese.nl.


1. Enter any text into the "Enter Rōmaji" box.
2. The tool will try to convert (where possible) the text to Katakana.
3. The converted text can be found in the "Katakana result" box.
4. Any unconvertible characters / sounds will remain as is.
5. A double nn followed by a space will become a single ン.
6a. Some "Double consonants" (pp, kk, tt, ss & tc) will automatically create a sokuon / small tsu (ッ).
6b. Example: kk will become ッk and issho will become イッショ .
6c. This can be escaped by typing a \ before the double consonants (i\ssho becomes イsショ) .
6d. The small tsu (ッ) can also be created by manually entering "ltsu" (for lowercase tsu).
7a. A normal dot ( . ) will be translated to a 。.
7b. A normal dot can be created by typing \. (backslash dot).
8a. A くろまる ( ・ ) dot can be created by typing a / (forward slash).
8b. A normal / backslash can be created by typing \/ (backslash + forward slash).
9a. A - will be translated to a ー.
9b. And the same as with the others this can be escaped with an \ (\- becomes -).
10a. Double vowels (aa,ii,uu,ee,oo,ou,ei) will automatically create a ー for the second vowel.
10b. Example: aa will become アー.
10c. This can again be escaped with a \ (\aa will become アア).
11a. A double backslash ( \\ ) will become a single slash and ignore the \., sokuon and other escape rules.
11b. Example: \\. will become \。 and \\kka will become \っか.
12a. Single spaces will be removed, to create a single space two spaces need to be entered.
12b. Example: "hoteru resutoran" will become ホテルレストラン, but "hoteru  resutoran" will become ホテル レストラン.

Enter rōmaji:

Katakana result:

Planned additions:
1. Add a translation dictionary.
2. Create functionality for interpretation / translation instead of straight conversion.
3. Create functionality to switch between a loose or a strict conversion.
4. Create functionality for converting the other way around (Katakana to Rōmaji).

Known bugs:
1. After some \ escape character use the tool will not update the conversion untill any other changes are made.

V0.1.3 (Beta)
1. Added Sukuon rule for dd.
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V0.1.2 (Beta)
1. Added nya, nyu & nyo katakana..

V0.1.1 (Beta)
1. Fixed bug where ー was not used when the first 2 characters enterd where double vowels.

V0.1.0 (Beta)
1. First beta release.

1. Frame work build.

1. Base used from Rōmaji to Hiragana Converter.